What to Wear

Photos are an extension of who you are, and I love to capture the uniqueness of each individual.

Always bring options that expresses your personality.

When you feel great, you look great-- Wear something that makes you feel good!

Tips for Head Shots:

Solid-colored shirts typically work best for professional head shots.

Long-sleeved shirts are always recommemded, but there is no need to shy away from short-sleeved and sleevless.

Black is always recommended, but I would also plan to bring a color option that flatters your skin tones, hair color, eye color, etc. 

Generally, finding a color outside of the red color scheme is best for photos. 

I would look for something with cool tones like blues and grays, or earth tones like greens and browns.

Always bring a couple of options so we can test colors behind the camera lens! 

Men: Remember a suit jacket and tie

Women: Bring something with a flattering neckline, a variety of jewelry, and (if possible) more than one lip color. 

Tips for Family Sessions:

You may choose to do matching colors on top such as plain white or plain black, but complimentary colors work well, too.

Try to limit complimentary colors to two or three colors, and stay away from bold patterns.

Find a common base such as jeans, black pants, or khakis

Wear solid colors. The photos should be about you, not your clothing. 

If you choose to wear a patterned top, wear something plain and solid over it such as a sweater, vest, or jacket.  

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